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XInput Wrapper for DS3 and Play.com USB Dual DS2 Controller


The problem is not only with bluetooth though, USB also has issues. Again, usb works perfectly before restart or sleep, but afterwards

SCP Driver Package - Emulation General


You may need to run ScpMonitor.exe as well if you're using Bluetooth. PCSX2 and PCSX-R.

Ps3 Dualshock 3 Pcsx2 download torrent


How to use a Dualshock 3 (PS3) controller on PC with XInput Wrapper.

PCSX2 - Emulation General Wiki


PCSX2 is an open-source, plugin-based PlayStation 2 emulator. Its purpose is to mimic the PS2 hardware using a combination of MIPS CPU interpreters, recompilers and a virtual machine which manages hardware states and PS2 system memory.

How to build your own PS2 Bluetooth adapter (use real PS3 and...)


This is a guide to show you how to build a PS2 Bluetooth adapter so you can use your PS3 or PS4 controllers wirelessly with your PS2. I made this because I hate wires and I was tired of using bad 3rd party wireless controllers on my PS2.

Connecting PS4 Controller to PC with Bluetooth. : PS4


If anyone has found a sure way of connecting the controller to the Computer (Win 7 64-Bit) via Bluetooth, please share. (Also, figured this would be the best subreddit seeing as most people here probably has a PS4 controller.

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How to connect the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to a PC


How to connect the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to a PC.

Configure Controls for PCSX2 PlayStation Emulator - VisiHow


Don't have a controller, how can I play with just the keyboard? 4.13 PCSX2 won't showing vmKeyboard(controls).

PS4 Dualshock Controller (Bluetooth) - USB Host | HobbyTronics


Bluetooth PS4 Dualshock Controller Software - connect a PS4 Dualshock Controller to USB Host Board. Read the analog stick inputs, button presses, accelerometer.

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