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System Admin Stuff


1) rsync command. The rsync command can be used to synchronize two directories or directory trees whether they are on the same computer or on different computers but it can do so much more than...

Steyn's Cave: November 2011


Seems to the hot news lately.Pitbull having an erection for jennifer lopez. I'll let you decide after seeing this photos. Seems pretty real, however pitbull wears sports cups so you never know it might be that.

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Все самое лучшее случается неожиданно!: 2013


Чудеса Научной Молитвы,Молитвы на Удачу,на Победу, Джозеф Мерфи,Секрет Успеха...

Architecture Review: 24/06/12 - 01/07/12


Technicart assists architects and engineers through the application of high end digital modeling technologies. Below are some recent examples of projects utilising paramametric modeling...

Stuff and Nonsense: February 2012


MIDI Table Top Sensing...It's working! I thought it was about time to give an update on the MIDI ping pong table sensing stuff. I've spent quite a lot of time on it, been through a few iterations of the...

J 201: Introduction to Mass Communication


This online assignment is worth two points. For it, you will explore and analyze your digital media presence on two major digital media platforms: Google and Facebook. To begin, you need to collect...

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