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(select 1 and row(1,1)>(select count(*),concat(CONCAT(@@VERSION),0x3a,floor(rand()*2))x from (select 1 union select 2)a group by x limit 1). MySQL Bugs: #63112: Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value.

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UNION SELECT 7491 UNION SELECT 4808)a GROUP BY x)''. ↓ nothing found. Book Titles Search. Select the first letter.

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select top 1 * from querycachetable where querytext not like %'querycachetable%' and querytext like '%somerandomvalue%'. Postgres and mysql are easier because there is only one row generally in those locations so some form of top 1 / limit needs to be applied along with a where clause to narrow...

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SQL Инъекции. Discussion in 'Уязвимости' started by yarbabin, 27 Apr 2015.



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MySQL ELT() returns the string at the index number specified in the list of arguments.

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SELECT DISTINCT sourcecode_id FROM sourcecodes_tags tags LEFT JOIN sourcecodes sc ON tags.sourcecode_id=sc.id WHERE sc.id IS NULL

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Executing a SELECT expr statement N times differs from executing SELECT BENCHMARK(N, expr) in terms of the amount of overhead involved. The two have very different execution profiles and you should not expect them to take the same amount of time.

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Indexing and Selecting Data. MultiIndex / Advanced Indexing.

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